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Tan Leather Love

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The Idea

Tan Leather Love is a personal project we are currently working on. We wanted to feature this in our portfolio as we feel it reflects our style and taste well. Tan leather is the ultimate classic when it comes to materials; it never goes out of style and adds an effortless edge to so many products. Tan Leather Love will be an online shop featuring a carefully curated collection of beautiful tan leather products made by artisans across the globe.

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Selling Online With Shopify

Our chosen eCommerce platform is Shopify, it works brilliantly from a business perspective and makes online shopping easy and enjoyable for customers. We love its clean design and beautiful ease of use for our clients. They have thought of all the small details, for example when a client receives their first order, we often have to create step by step guides with them to dispatch orders - however Shopify have thought of this already! When you receive your first order a link to their step by step guide appears in your dashboard. This is why we love Shopify so much, the attention to detail, their insistence on staying at the forefront of technology, the secure hosted environment, speed, quality and beauty.

Stay tuned for the launch, we can’t wait to show you our latest venture!

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