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Little Elephant Bakery

Branding + Product Photography + WooCommerce Online Store

The Brand

One of our earlier projects and so dear to our hearts is Little Elephant Bakery. A company that specialises in cookies (also something close to our hearts), they supply frozen cookie dough to cafes and style cookie bars for weddings and events. The challenge was to create a brand that reflected the warm, fun and informal nature of the business whilst also appearing professional and recognisable. The product brings a smile to peoples faces and we wanted the branding to do that too.

Little Elephant Bakery Branding by 100 Agency in St Albans

The Product

We had a great time styling and shooting both the lifestyle and product photography along with local photographer Dominic Tyler. Choosing to feature a colour palette made up of greens, blues and greys which act as a complement to the branding, we feel these images illustrate well how important quality product photography is if you want your online store to stand out.

Little Elephant Bakery drinking tea
Little Elephant Bakery Milk and Cookie
Packaging design in St Albans
Business card design in St Albans by 100 Agency
Packaging and cookies in St Albans
A stack of cookies in St Albans Hertfordshire. Nice

The Shop

When starting a new online store, being visible is vital and so we decided to use Wordpress as the content management system for this website since it is know to be excellent from an SEO perspective. An obvious choice for the eCommerce platform was WooCommerce as it is the leading eCommerce solution for websites built using Wordpress. It also has the ability to sell things quite beautifully which was a top priority for this project.

Screenshot of UI for Little Elephant by 100 Agency in St Albans

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