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Hello Sitter

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The Brand

Based in New York, Hello Sitter is the babysitter app designed especially for NYC parents so they can book fully vetted sitters in an instant. It was an in depth branding process, we collaborated with Fancy, a New York based branding agency who worked on the internal branding and tone of voice. We produced the external branding with the tone of voice in mind including colour palette and logo design. The chosen logo is a monogram, a personal and recognizable mark designed to show the trustworthiness and integrity of the company.

Hello Sitter branding by 100 agency uk

The Website

After the branding was finalized, we designed and built the website with the purpose of providing information about the app and to assist in marketing. We selected the imagery very carefully and had to ensure the messaging was consistent with the external branding guidelines. We used the premium Johnston ITC font which gives the website a classy feel. Lauren, the founder’s style is very much monochrome, so the website has a very strong black and white feel to it but the introduction of the gold logo gives a surprising splash of colour where its needed.

Hello sitter website images


We are providing ongoing SEO services for Hello Sitter, using up to date techniques directly from Google. This involves producing regular fresh content by means of the blog, technical SEO, local SEO and genuine outreach and link building. When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation many employ dishonest tactics. Our strategy is to opt for the long good of a website, so no cheating! Doing things properly involves hard work, but the results are worthwhile as the website continues to grow in traffic numbers each month.

Press Coverage

Hello Sitter have had some great press since their official launch in June 2016. They have been featured on TV in the USA on NBC’s “Today Show”. They have been voted amongst Awesome app of the week by Cult of Mac, one the web’s most popular Apple blogs. They have also been featured in the New York Daily News, New York Post, Quartz, The Sun, PFSK, Digital Trends and Crain’s - a popular business blog in New York City. We feel proud to have been involved in this project and we have had some great feedback about the branding and website from all over the world.

Hello Sitter on NBC today show
Cult of mac awesome apps of the week hello sitter
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