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Danzar Hair

Branding + Product Photography + Shopify Online Store

The Brand

We love to work with start-ups such as Danzar Hair, seeing the brand evolve from concept to completion and being part of all the nerves and excitement of launching a new business.

Danzar Hair Logo by 100 agency St Albans

Product Photography

Before we could build the shop we needed product photography. This was an interesting challenge as shooting hair extensions would usually involve models, however the budget just didn’t allow for such an elaborate shoot. With a little creativity we all felt the close up product images on the plain white background came out well. We then used quality stock photos for the images with models. Using this combination us enabled to create a quality feel on the site but without the need for a huge photography budget.

Hair Extensions product photography by 100 Agency in St Albans
Curly hair extension image photo st albans
Curly hair extension photoshoot by 100 Agency in St Albans
Straight Black Hair extensions
Straight hair ecommerce product photography in St Albans
Product photography

Shopify Online Store

Now we had all the components, we could build the website itself and felt Shopify would be the best eCommerce platform for the business type. The overall result was clean, easy to navigate with pops of colour in the right places. A Google Adwords and email marketing campaign quickly followed to assist in launching the website.

Danzar Hair Website Animation

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