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A recent study found that on average 22% of e-commerce buyers come to a website via organic search. This represents the highest share of all marketing channels. By comparison just 1% of buyers come via social media websites. 

So if organic search is 22x more effective than social, these findings show that those who take their business seriously, need to take SEO seriously.

But SEO is a bit of a black box isn’t it? Unlike paid search, you can’t just buy a number one spot in the organic listings. So how can you invest in it? Some people think SEO is about cheating the system. It really isn’t. Cheating might move you up in the rankings in the short term, but if you get caught out it will harm your business permanently and its very hard to come back from a penalty, so playing by the rules is something you need to take seriously. Its not about cheating, its about having a strategy.

When you employ us to take care of your SEO strategy, here are the main elements we will take control of.

Key elements of SEO strategy


Keyword Research

At this stage, its important to ask questions such as - how many people are searching for your service? What wording do they use to find services like yours? How can you beat your competition? We ask these questions and produce a keyword research report to help you to select the most effective keywords.


Website Design

Users and search engines have high standards. So should you. To have a chance of topping organic search results, your website must be branded, beautifully designed, fast, user friendly, mobile friendly and responsive. The content must be high quality and original. Believe it or not, Google's systems check these things.


Website Optimisation

At this stage we look at the technical aspects of your website to ensure they meet Google and the other search engine's requirements. If there are any problems, we correct them. We make sure the search engines know about all your pages and add eyes and ears to your website in the form of Analytics.


Local SEO

Local SEO involves making sure that your website and business presence are consistent. We ensure that your website is listed in the most important directories and that your Google Business listing is professional.


Quality Content

Search engines expect you to make a valuable contribution to the online community. As a result, high quality content has become the backbone of an effective SEO strategy. Quality content must be beautifully designed, well written, detailed and shareable.


Building Bridges

Once you have created the content, it needs to be shared via social media and blogs to build links back to your website. Gaining genuine links involves picking up the phone and talking to real people. Writing articles for real people and sharing them takes a team who can handle human interaction. (Sorry geeks.)

Our SEO packages

Our ongoing SEO packages allow us to focus on each of these elements in appropriate measure. We will create a monthly content calendar which helps us to plan your content strategy for the month. Once approved by you, we will go away and write quality, highly researched content which people will actually want to read. We will also constantly monitor your website and make incremental changes to improve its performance. As the search engines update their expectations of your website, we will also make the necessary technical changes to keep you at the forefront of Google and the other search engine’s requirements.

Once you have something worth sharing, we will take care of your social sharing and build bridges to help you to get the exposure your content and website deserve.


To truly get results, we recommend an ongoing SEO and content strategy. SEO requires a large amount of ongoing hard work, technical knowledge and analytical skill. Content creation takes language and design skills along with a good understanding of your audience. Our ongoing SEO packages start from £999 per month.

If you are a small business looking to improve your search engine presence in your local area, we can provide SEO consultancy to make one off changes to improve your website. SEO consultancy starts from £300.

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