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Create a brand people love

Think about the product you own that you love the most. It could be a watch, a handbag, a phone or a car. You probably didn’t buy it on impulse. You likely appreciated it’s beauty and design. Perhaps you read the story behind the inventor and the company. Then you learned about its features and you examined the options carefully before deciding which model you wanted. There were probably similar options out there that were cheaper or more practical, but you really loved this one and your decision was made.

Making potential customers feel this way about your product or service takes work. You need to take people on a journey where subtle attention to detail is key. Every interaction a customer has with your brand needs to be premium.

So how do you create a brand people will love?

products have personalities

Identity, values & voice

If your business was a person how would you sound?

When a person comes into contact with your business, whether that’s through an advert, leaflet or your website, they’re immediately thinking - Who are you? What do you stand for? Can you be trusted? What are you like to deal with? Before you can effectively answer your customers, first of all you need to answer these questions for yourself.

We will work with you to understand what your business’ identity is, what your values are and what message you want to send to your customers. We will then produce your brand manifesto, a document that captures your business’ personality and puts it down in writing. This document is invaluable because it allows you to have a defined, confident and consistent communication style with your customers.

Now you have a likeable brand personality, your words will carry power. This will enable you to connect with your potential customers on an emotional level, which will give you an edge over your competition.

logo design image

Logo design

Your logo should be a simple representation of your brand, a way to visually reinforce what you have said in your brand manifesto. A logo can be text only (logotype) or it may include a symbol. Your logo needs to be clear and readable at a small scale such as on a product but still look good on a business card, website or even a billboard.

Our logo design philosophy is: Simple and meaningful with a touch of cool. The best logos satisfy this criteria.

Colour palette

Colours are as much part of an identity as a logo. Specific colours remind you of a brand. When you see blue and yellow, you think ikea. You see dark green, you think Starbucks. Dark green is in Starbucks ads, logo and furniture. It’s even on their straws. Like every good brand, they have a colour palette which is used across all touch points, physical or digital.

Typography in branding


Typography is subtle, but powerful. Typography is the vehicle through which we convey tone of voice, style, feeling and personality.

The Typography you select must be appropriate to your industry. A law firm may decide to use a font to convey trust, heritage and dependability. On the other hand a toy brand might choose a font which demonstrates playfulness.

So are you modern or traditional? Professional or informal? The right font can help to establish these aspects of your brand personality.

We will carry out research and present you with appropriate typography options. The chosen fonts will be added to your brand guidelines and these will become your brand fonts.

imagery in brand stories


Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Today people spend more time looking at pictures than ever. Mashable and EyeTrackShop recently found that participants in a webcam eye-tracking study spent less time looking at Facebook wall posts and advertisements and more time looking at the cover photo on brand timelines.

In response to this trend, forward thinking brands have established a photographic style. When this is done well, customers know a picture belongs to a brand before they even see a logo.

There is no place for modern brands to use poor quality, lazy stock photography. You know, the stuff of nightmares - handshake, cheesy smile directly at the camera and a thumbs up. Please, no.

Our trick is to help you to establish a brand photography style and fulfil those needs either with curated stock imagery or professional photography. Using high quality imagery with a consistent style is a key part of brand strategy to ensure you stand out as premium.

brand guidelines for branding

Brand guidelines

Once the key elements have been decided upon, we bring it all together. We create your Brand Guidelines, an online or printed guide which documents the decisions made during the branding process. They combine the brand manifesto, logo, colour palette, typography and imagery. They bring your brand to life and show how your branding would be applied in the real world.

Brand guidelines are a vital reference when creating your website, when communicating your style to new employees and when hiring an advertising agency as they help to maintain consistency across all touch points.


Quotes will always be tailored to you. Our full branding packages start from £2,499.

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