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A place to be seen in New York City.

Cryotherapy is like an ice bath for the 21st century.

After entering the chamber, temperatures drop to -140°c for 3 minutes. Why? The benefits are numerous. Firstly, it’s good for muscle recovery. Secondly, the extreme cold triggers your bodies fight/flight mechanism releasing endorphins and inducing a sense of euphoria, making you feel limitless. Thirdly, you burn up to 650 calories in a session. For these reasons it’s popular with athletes, actors and models.Cryofuel approached us to create branding and a website as they were preparing to open in Soho, New York.

The brief involved creating a lifestyle brand which would differentiate them from their competitors whose locations felt clinical.

“New York City’s favorite cryotherapy spot”

- Yahoo News

We created a logo system that could work on a shopfront as well as a t-shirt, cap or dressing gown. The dark, understated colour palette was used in the shop design which was an instant hit with customers, influencers and even Hollywood stars who were quickly posting pictures and videos of themselves in the chamber.

As a result, Buzzfeed included Cryofuel in its “17 most instagrammable fitness places for influencers” list adding to Cryofuel’s impressive list of positive response from customers and the media.

Cryofuel branding and image brief

Cryofuel logo designed by 100 Agency

Cryofuel imagery

Cryofuel merchandise imagery

“Our brand makes communication with influencers and celebrities easier - in fact in a lot of instances they reach out to us as they have already heard of our brand. In an industry as niche as ours, this helps to break down barriers that would other wise be difficult to cross.”

Ben Feinson - Cryofuel

Cryofuel athletic imagery

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