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We’re a Web Design Agency based in St. Albans just north of London in the UK. We build responsive, mobile friendly websites & E-Commerce stores. We also handle Branding, Print Design and Marketing Consultancy. We sweat the small stuff and pay obsessive attention to detail. If you care deeply about your business reputation, we would love to work with you. If you need branding or an online store, let’s talk. With extensive experience in online analytics, marketing and finance, we also get the importance of an online presence which can help your business to succeed and make money.

Reuben Mansell from 100 agency

About Reuben

Through 100, I have found a way to combine my personal love of design, my understanding of numbers and my experience with online business to do something I truly believe in and feel passionate about.

My career path has been different to your average designer, but I believe that my experiences have helped me to come at things from a unique perspective which I feel helps me to be better at what I do. Being the son of two accountants, I started off down that path and whilst I suppose I had a flair for numbers, it wasn’t something I was ever hugely passionate about, I was looking for something a little more interesting.

My brother Simon started an online advertising agency called TBG in 2001 during the depths of the dot com crash. I joined TBG in 2003 and was privileged to learn the basics of performance based online marketing directly from Simon. I enjoyed working agency side as it enabled me to use my analytical skills as well as creativity.

Working for TBG gave me the chance to work with some amazing people and clients in London and later New York. I handled multi million pound advertising budgets for clients like Dell, HSBC and Amazon to name a few. Whilst New York was incredible, I still wanted to tread my own path. I decided to come back to the UK to take the opportunity to use my web related experience but with more of a focus on design.

100 was a long time coming but I truly love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Jessica 100 Agency

About Jessica

I have always loved to write. English was always my favourite subject, so collaborating with clients on their website copy and managing their blogs is an area of the business I naturally gravitated toward. As I have moved more into branding I realised how much I enjoy every stage of the design process. From working with our clients to figure out their message and tone of voice, to selecting colour palettes, creating a logo that truly represents them and making sure all this work comes together in a beautifully designed, well thought out website.

Running 100 Agency is without a doubt the best job I have ever had. I love the creativity involved, but it is so much more than just design to me. It is helping to create the tools that others can use to build and grow their business.

Outside of work, I love cooking, reading cookbooks, watching cooking programmes and eating! Feeding people is the best way I know how to show them that I love them. I play football with my girls, am currently training for a 10K and obsessively watch the tennis. My favourite cities are Barcelona and NYC, but I have a very long list of places I would love to see so the jury’s still out.

We love to chat so give us a call any time, we look forward to learning a little more about you and your business.

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